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Rosebud Advertising Productions, Inc. is a national advertising and audio production facility specializing in custom radio commercials and jingles, telephone “on-hold” message advertising, television voice-overs, voice mail prompts, after hours messages, marketing demo’s, predictive dialing announcements, in-store, overhead announcements and website audio. Since 1994, Rosebud has maintained its sales, administration offices, and studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Serving over 5,000 clients throughout the USA, and another 2-thousand internationally.

  • Our account representatives have the years of experience it takes to assure that your production moves smoothly and expediently through the entire production process, from initial concept to scriptwriting, production and shipping. We are a small, close-knit team, committed to excellence and meeting deadlines.
  • Our production process starts with a team of creative, experienced advertising scriptwriters. The script is “voiced” by one of our national voice talents, and recorded by a sound engineer using our state-of-the-art digital recording studios. Our variety of formats include MP-3 files, digital player, CD, over-head repeater (for in-office or store announcements), with other formats available.
  • We are experienced in over 150 different industries, including MORTGAGE, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, FINANCIAL SERVICES, professional services, contracting, manufacturing, distribution and retail, banking and commerce, recreational, transportation services and health related fields. There isn’t an industry we can’t provide a program for.

We’ll write and produce 10-12 different telephone “On-Hold” messages, strictly customized for your business, with a music background also custom produced by Rosebud, and all put on one compact disc or sent as an MP-3 file. We take your information right over the phone for scriptwriting, takes about 10 minutes, and once we have your information our scriptwriting department will create a script and forward to you by e-mail within 48 hours for you to review. Once you “OK” the script it will be recorded and forwarded to you as an mp-3 file for you to review and work with you personally to make any additional revisions needed.
Our representatives work with you “one-on-one”. Nothing leaves our office until you personally hear it and approve it. Also, there are no monthly or yearly fees, no contracts to get locked into and no equipment to lease.
A portable CD player, or MP-3 player. We recommend The player plugs right into your main phone box, and plays your program continuously throughout the day to your callers on hold. Also, if you don’t have a phone system, we have adapters available to make your phone “on-hold” capable.